tennessee rainbows

tennessee rainbows

wesley and micah // bristol, tn

dang!!! this day was amazing. if you have not seen a ton of my wedding photography, this is a perfect example of what a wedding day looks like. wesley and micah’s day was full of celebration, laughter, unplanned events, and friendship. it was a blast getting to hang out with them and document their special day. here are some photographs!

lookout light

lookout light

lookout mountain, ga

one year ago i had the privilege of photographing mackenzie and chris’s wedding. it was a killer day, but the weather did not give us the opportunity to take photographs outside. exactly one later we met up on lookout mountain and created these images for their anniversary:) here is what happened !!

i am also currently booking in fall 2019 and all of 2020, if you have any questions about wedding or other photography, shoot me a message and lets chat:)

oh, you’ll change your mind

oh, you’ll change your mind

indianapolis, in

i had the privilege of doing a 48hr residency for the harrison center for the arts in indianapolis last week. the first 24hrs were spent learning about the history, culture, and current state of indianapolis while exploring the city. i spent the second 24hrs making photographs of indianapolis and working with my good friend abi ogle on her current instilation “oh, you’ll change your mind”. the two days were filled with new and old houses, unfamiliar faces and places, an old motorcycle clubhouse, hair woven through fibers, abandoned buildings, summer sweat, and vivid imagery. here is what i created:

walking around.

the polk building.

neighborhood drives.

abi ogle.

rough riders clubhouse.

bellingham, wa

in march i had the opportunity to spend a week in bellingham with one of best friends and favorite photographers, oliver hamlin, and his friends katie and nikki. oliver and i became friends a few years ago when i lived in seattle and our friendship continues to withstand the test of time:) the week was full of late nights, photographs, and good beer. here are a few of my favorite frames from my time spent in bellingham.